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Our Coffee

Diverse and Flavorful Roasted Coffee

Coffee Magic is about making memorable coffee. It’s our passion. We buy only quality green coffee that has an abundance of good flavor. After sample roasting each green coffee, we choose how much of a caramel color to give it. Coffee roasting is often referred to as “color roasting”, because caramelizing of the beans from light to dark gives it various roasted flavor. Probat has made coffee roasters for more than a century and our Probat is the gas fired kind. Our coffee roasts evenly because the flame increases steadily, neither too quick or too slow; this prevents a coffee that might taste burnt or baked. By blending a number of our green coffees before roasting, we produce a sweeter or smoother taste. Blending our roasted coffee creates more complex flavor that moves around the palate and lingers more memorably. While many roasters suggest that all coffee should be single origin and roasted light, we disagree and roast across the spectrum of colors from lightest to darkest, to allow you a choice. Dark roast coffees have been shown to have a calming effect on sensitive stomachs, which is not true of light roasts. We ship the freshest coffee (whole bean or freshly ground) direct to you, roaster direct, hoping our experience at providing premium coffee with fair pricing will bring you back again and again.

The Best Coffee Experience at a Fair Price

We believe in letting you decide what pleases your palate and your stomach. We enjoy practicing our craft, producing a wide variety of tastes to enjoy. When you sip Coffee Magic, the flavor will sing praises of the craftsmen who cared about your coffee. With Coffee Magic you can make memorable cups of coffee daily.